I start by listening to you so I can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

This is holistic hypnotherapy: mindset training as part of the mind-body-lifestyle system. You make the quickest progress if you consider how your thoughts, feelings, body and nutrition interact.

I also use coaching techniques and draw on Solution-Focused, Ericksonian and Cognitive-Behavioural hypnotherapies,  Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as meditation techniques.

Everything discussed is kept in strict confidence and I encourage feedback: You are in control.


My prior professional experience includes journalism and teaching ballroom dance – providing insight into relating to people on an individual level and from all walks of life.

And having lived abroad, I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and lifestyles, from traditional to alternative. I am LGBT friendly.

I was bulimic as a teenager so I am familiar with emotional challenges and therapy from the client point of view. I have had lot of hypnotherapy myself.

Reach me at

or on 07956 451501


Qualifications: Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) – Central England College and London Academy of Hypnotherapy; continuing professional development and supervision

Memberships/Registrations: National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH), Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Ethics: follow the NCH/CNHC Codes of Ethics; committed to a confidential, professional, compassionate and effective service

Privacy: adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Insurance: Towergate




(Important – Do not listen to this if driving or when you need to concentrate)



Hypnotherapy is

… an age-old therapy, supported by clinical evidence. It is natural and safe.

… about harnessing the resources we already have.

…discussion, looking at things from different perspectives, visualisation and relaxation.

… a cooperation between the therapist and client.


Hypnotherapy isn’t

… about me controlling your mind or willpower. You always have control and you are an active participant.

… what you often see on TV or in films…

… a magic cure, but it can be fun.


What it can be used for

…adding positives to, and removing negatives from, your life. It can help: 

-Our body:

Pain control, healing (e.g. skin, intestinal, blood pressure issues), achieving sports goals, surgery preparation, sexual issues, IBS;

-Our habits:

Smoking cessation, hair pulling, overeating, self-sabotage;

-Our fears:

Phobias, confidence, sexual issues;

-Our hindrances:

Insomnia, fear of public speaking, procrastination, inferiority complexes, performance anxieties, anxiety, panic attacks, past traumas, depression;

-Our goals:

Weight loss, stress management, improved academic, sporting or work performance, speed reading, accelerated learning, using the mind-body connection.

How it works

Free, confidential initial consultation – A brief phone call so I can get a feel for the issue and how I can help, and you a chance to see if I am right for you.

Structure of the sessions – All sessions include  talking, coaching and relaxation.We might also do some other mental exercises and discuss possible self-hypnosis, mindfulness, or other exercises you can do on your own.

After the session – you can continue on with your day refreshed and alert.

The hypnosis – physical and mental relaxation followed by visualisation exercises.  It is enjoyable, natural and safe.

The experience can vary – you might stay conscious of the room and my voice, drift off somewhere else, or do both. It is often like daydreaming or the feeling just before/after sleep.

You don’t need to wear special clothes. Some people enjoy lying down during the hypnosis, others like to sit with their feet up.

Prices, Locations, Contact


Discussed in person.

Refer a friend and get £10 off your next session.



South Woodford, East London:
Forest Therapy Centre 75 Station Passage, London E18 1JL

Acton, West London:
W3 Holistic 65D Churchfield Rd, London W3 6AX

Walthamstow, North East London:
Wood Street Wellness, 153 Wood Street, London E17 3LX



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