Abdominal pain and bloating, eating habits that make you unhappy, weight you can’t shift, weight you can’t put on … these things really impact your quality of life.

The link between food and mood has been repeatedly proven as has the link between nutrition and physical ailments. Nutrition underpins everything.

And underpinning that is your mind. Mindset training will make your nutritional programme more effective and help you make those longed-for changes.


Having had an eating disorder and the resultant digestive problems, I know the benefit of nutritional guidance, treatments and hypnotherapy.

Changing my diet changed how happy I was. I have first-hand experience of how nutritional and abdominal problems can bring a person down.


I use the Virtual Gastric Band method, as developed by Sheila Grainger and used successfully worldwide, to help clients with weight management. This is not a diet but a way of helping people to feel satisfied on smaller amounts by tuning in to what their stomach is telling them. It achieves long-term results through the creation of small and sustainable changes.

Food: all things to all people – I started to overeat ice cream when, at age 12, I moved town, house and school, and was home alone a lot 

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– developing and maintaining new habits around eating; e.g. eating slowly and chewing properly, sitting down while eating, not comfort eating

– changing what you put into your body; e.g. by ending a reliance on stimulants like caffeine or chocolate, avoiding gluten or sugar, and eating more foods that you didn’t use to enjoy

– using the mind–body connection to improve the digestive process

– easing abdominal pain

– reducing IBS

– losing weight (I am trained in the Virtual Gastric Band method)

– (If used in conjunction with a colonic irrigation programme) making you more relaxed during the colonics so that they can be even more effective 

Eating habits and digestive health are part of a system of behaviours, emotional needs and self-beliefs. It helps to look at what else in your life is contributing to this picture.  

Hypnotherapy can address background issues such as:

– the quality of your sleep

– how you deal with stress, anger, anxiety

– your relationship to exercise

– your body image

How it works

The W3 Holistic Clinic in Acton, West London

Get in touch to find out about combined hypnotherapy-nutrition-colonic irrigation programmes

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What we do together

Free, confidential initial consultation – A brief phone call to get to know you and draw up your treatment plan. With your consent I will talk to your nutritional therapist to learn more about your programme.

Structure of the sessions – There will be some talking. I will ask about your specific goal: what it is, how it will benefit you, what obstacles you feel stand in its way. If necessary, I will ask about your habits and behaviours. Then we will discuss practical ways to bring about change, as well as do the relaxation and visualisation that makes hypnotherapy so powerful.

For colonic irrigation clients – Hypnosis will focus on enabling you to be more relaxed during the procedure, and putting your focus on its efficacy, so that it is more effective overall.

What you could do on your own

This is totally optional! No one needs any more pressure and stress from their to-do list. But if you want, you can do some of the following between sessions:

Listen to audio – you will have hypnosis from our sessions to listen to when convenient

Do short visualisations – at convenient points during the day

Meditate – a short period of stillness in your day might be just what the doctor ordered

Think – I might suggest watching videos or keeping a journal to help ID and change processes

Talk – Together we might formulate ways that you can develop more effective self-talk