In groups and at work

Group sessions

Hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation can be very effective when delivered to groups whether for people united by a common challenge or who work or do a hobby together. I also provide sessions for retreats.

What I bring

I have experience in presenting and teaching which means I know how to keep people engaged. I have led group mindset training sessions on a range of topics, from pain management to general relaxation.

My previous work experience means I understand the business mindset. I have been self-employed for most of my career which means I have fine-tuned ways to improve focus, discipline and output at work. Mindset training can also improve work-life balance and thus enhance outcomes.

Tailored to your needs, time and budget

Get in touch to talk through your needs and goals. Sessions can be in person or online, with individual support provided if required.


Let’s discuss your needs

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Mindset training with groups 

The process


Initial consultation – We discuss your issues and your goal, your M.O., budget, whether you want one session or a series, only groups or also one-on-one sessions

Planning – I draft a programme combining coaching, hypnotherapy and meditation which will be adapted to your feedback

Sessions – In-person group sessions combining discussion, group visualisation and meditation

Individual practice (Possible) –  Small behavioural changes, breathing exercises and visualisations can be practised between sessions to cement change. I can provide audio files to help everyone get the most from the training

Feedback and follow-up – Continual feedback is encouraged to ensure the programme meets expectations and tracks changing needs. I follow up with participants to ensure learning outcomes are achieved

What it can help with…

●  Change and uncertainty

●  Calm focus

●  Stress

●  Working from home effectively

●  Unity across virtual teams

●  Preventing procrastination

●  Success mindset

●  Core skills

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Case studies

Retreat attendees enjoying the vegan food on the menu

Client: Nature’s Magick Retreats – Buckinghamshire, June 2019

Organiser: Vee Maksimova

Group size: 13 including retreat customers and staff

The goal: To further the objective of a weekend retreat targeted at reducing stress hormones

The method: Two group workshops. The first (45 mins) focused on relaxation and visualisation; the second (20 mins) was interactive, talking about triggers, techniques and how to apply them, with everyone having a chance to practice the techniques

Vee’s feedback: 

The result: Everyone was so relaxed after the first full-length session that they wanted to stay lying down for 20 minutes after the session. Guests were pleased and impressed with how they felt afterwards. It was a perfect addition to the rest of the retreat activities

Further comments: We also liked that the techniques were instantly usable by retreat attendees: one reported back that she had used them in her personal training business the next day. Elizabeth was very professional and patient with the guests

Coming soon: Pain management group

Beauty Bank owner Francesca doing some visualisation

Client: Beauty Bank Aesthetics – London, October 2019

Owner Francesca Durant

Group size: 1 person – Francesca

The goal: To prepare for dealing with a medical emergency effectively and calmly when administering injectable cosmetology

The method: One 45-minute session in which together we developed a routine that Francesca could follow in a medical emergency,  to keep both her and her client calm. We covered what language to use as well as mindset tips for confidence and composure

Francesca’s feedback: 

The result: By talking through my concerns, it helped me realise I could manage the situation, as I do know the procedure but hadn’t walked through the scenario before.

Further comments: Role-playing what to do was really useful.

Coming soon: Mindfulness in the workplace